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United Kingdom

The best resorts in the UK

Despite the not very friendly climate with fogs, rains and spring snowfalls, the country has several popular resort areas. The city of Benlech is very good for family holidays in Britain. It is located at Red Wharf Bay. The local coast is characterized by clean sandy beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag. The resort is also recognized as the tidiest point on the island.

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Sri Lanka

Key Features of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island state located in South Asia near the Hindustan Peninsula. The official name is the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, which the country received in 1972. The state used to be called Ceylon. The official capital of Sri Lanka was recognized by Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. In fact, the capital’s functions are played by the largest city in the republic called Colombo. In Sri Lanka, the climate is very pleasant, due to which a large number of tourists come here.

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Ottawa Attractions

Attractions Ottawa – the political center of Canada

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, attractive for the local population and tourists with well-groomed clean streets, a high social level and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The city occupies the eastern part of Southern Ontario, and it takes its history from 1826, when during the digging of the Rideau Canal, a village called Bytown was arranged for builders. In 1850, he received city status, and after five years – the new name Ottawa.

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outdoor activities

Features of Outdoor Activities

We all know that tourism can be regarded as an excellent means of relaxation. Interesting, agile, active, restoring the psychological and physical condition and strength of a person, it is rightfully considered the most useful form of relaxation. You can get a real improvement by feeling the contrasting forms of active tourism, when your usual atmosphere and rhythm of life change sharply to almost the opposite.

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hotel choosing tips

A Few Simple Tips for Choosing a Hotel for Your Vacation

Independent travelers pay more attention to choosing a hotel, since the choice of travel agencies is usually very limited. This suggests that the budget is small, but not necessary. In any case, at the initial stage, it is necessary to compare the available funds with the needs and requirements. Counting on minimal waste, you will not be able to pay for accommodation in a five-star hotel. If in the hotel you will spend little time, then chic conditions are useless. It is possible to do with minimal amenities.

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Madrid, Spain

A Trip to the Capital of Spain – What Do Tourists Need to Know?

One of the most beautiful cities, not only in Europe, but throughout the world, is considered to be the capital of Spain, Madrid. Winding streets, temples of different eras, unique Baroque buildings, interesting examples of architecture and much more attract tourists from all over the world. In Madrid, you can see with your own eyes the masterpieces of recognized world artists. After an informative tour, you should go to one of the family restaurants and enjoy your leisurely traditional dishes that will not only satisfy your hunger, but will also bring great pleasure and a lot of gastronomic impressions.

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Holidays in Tenerife: when, where and why

Tenerife is the most visited island of the Canary Archipelago, where tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year. They love Tenerife for a variety of opportunities – from a quiet and relaxing time on the beach to noisy parties in clubs, from sightseeing to outdoor activities and enjoying untamed nature.

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