Holidays in Bali: where, when and why

Bali has long been synonymous with Bounty-style relaxation. Vibrant nature, exotic temples, unusual rituals and the always warm ocean – is it any wonder that his admirers call the island the last paradise on earth.

When to go

In Bali, located near the equator, it is always summer. The air and water temperatures almost do not change during the year, and the sun rises and sets always at the same time, dividing the day exactly in half. The time from March to September is considered the wet season. True, heavy short-term rains most often occur at night and in the morning; by noon there is no trace of them. The maximum rainfall occurs in December and January.

The main problem of winter is the currents that bring garbage to the coastline, which is why you have to constantly clean the beaches.

The dry season lasts from April to October, while the air temperature drops by 2-3 degrees. The best time to relax on the island is July-August, when there is clear cloudless weather and a refreshing southeast wind blows.

Bali beaches
Bali beaches

Beach vacation

The best beaches of the island are concentrated in its southern part. In Nusa Dua, the beach is wide, clean, with a gentle approach, clear water and a protective barrier from a chain of coral reefs. There are no reefs in Kuta, and the waves can reach a height of 4 m. The coast of Sanur with a convenient entrance to the sea, small waves and large golden sand is suitable for a family holiday with children. Lovina’s beaches on the north coast are less crowded. These are small, palm-covered bays with gray or black volcanic sand.

Hotel-owned beach areas are kept in perfect cleanliness. They are accessible to everyone, but only guests can use their infrastructure. Other public are not forbidden to settle at the water’s edge on their own towel. Municipal beaches are not so clean, but they have the opportunity to rent a sun lounger (35,000 IDR), take a shower, ride a “banana” or water skiing (from 200,000 IDR), have a meal in coastal cafes and restaurants. Prices on the page are for August 2019.

Swimming in Bali is tightly tied to the schedule of ebbs and flows, alternating every 6 hours. The difference in water level in this case reaches 2.5 m and, having arrived at an inopportune hour, you can see a bare bottom instead of the ocean, which has gone a hundred meters from the coast.


In addition to the local religion, “Agama Hindu,” in Bali, there is another – surfing. You can surf here all year round. It is only necessary to choose one or another coast depending on the season. Beginners are best suited beaches of Kuta, where there are many schools with Russian-speaking instructors and there are no dangerous reefs. Pros choose places like Uluwatu or Padang Padah Beach, nicknamed the Balinese Pipeline. In addition to surfing, there are many more ways to get adrenaline into the blood: diving in the society of stingrays and colorful fish, elephant safaris, rafting, kayaking, paragliding.

Sightseeing vacation

There are 20 thousand temples on the tiny island, and the whole Balinese life is filled with endless religious rituals and colorful ceremonies, similar to a performance with a complex plot. The main sanctuary of Bali is Pura Besakih on the slope of the Agung volcano, a real city of 22 temples, where each caste has its own altar. In the moss-covered ancient sanctuary in the middle of the Sanah forest, monkeys dominate. In the cave Pura Goa Lavah, post-creation rituals take place. Pura Panatharam Sasi is known for the world’s largest bronze drum. And in the coastal Pura Tanah Lot come to enjoy fantastic sunsets.

Bali life
Bali life

Who will like Bali

Bali has a reputation as a paradise island, and in paradise, as you know, it is good for everyone: hedonists and hippies, thrill seekers and beach idlers, lovers of shopping and exoticism, guests of the best hotels in Southeast Asia and owners of a modest bungalow under a palm tree.

Bali has always been at the top of the list of the most romantic places on earth. Newlyweds from all over the world like to spend their honeymoon here, and many hotels have special rooms for honeymooners.