Unique swimming pools surrounded by nature: oases of relaxation

There are many amazing swimming pools in the world that blend harmoniously into the surrounding nature, creating a unique atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. These oases of tranquility offer an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. Let’s take a trip to the most unique swimming pools in nature.

TOP swimming pools

Pool “Golden Energy”, St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet

Situated at an altitude of 3,658 meters above sea level, this heated swimming pool offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains. The golden tiles covering the bottom and walls create the feeling of bathing in liquid gold, and the surrounding landscapes of Tibet fascinate with their beauty.

Swimming pool at Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali

This two-level pool, located in the jungles of Bali, creates the illusion of merging with the surrounding nature. As if floating above the Ayung River valley, it offers stunning views of the rainforests and rice terraces.

Swimming pool at The Cambrian, Switzerland

This infinity pool overlooks the Swiss Alps to create a feeling of infinity and freedom. Clean mountain air, snow-capped peaks and azure water of the pool are the ideal combination for complete relaxation and recuperation.

Blue Lagoon geothermal pool, Iceland

This unique pool, filled with mineral-rich blue water, is located in the middle of Iceland’s lava fields. Swimming in the warm water of Blue Lagoon not only relaxes, but also has a healing effect on the skin.

Bondi Icebergs, Australia

This iconic pool, located on the oceanfront in Sydney, is one of Australia’s most photographed spots. Ocean waves crashing against the edges of the pool create a feeling of unity with the mighty elements.


Unique swimming pools in nature are not just places for swimming, they are oases of relaxation and recuperation. They offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you, enjoy peace and quiet, and create unforgettable experiences.