What do flight attendants pay attention when we board the plane

Welcoming you on board the aircraft, the cabin crew will know everything about you in a couple of seconds.

Smiling flight attendants who meet us at the entrance to the aircraft, not only check the boarding passes and wish you a pleasant flight. At a glance, they are able to understand how we will behave in a critical situation, whether we need special attention and whether we can even be allowed on board. That’s what they look at first.

Do you look in the eyes?

As a rule, those who avoid eye contact are afraid or nervous. The passenger may not admit that he has a strong fear of flying, but an experienced flight attendant will look after him just in case.

What do the flight attendants pay attention to when we board the plane?

Are you nervous?

Even if you don’t hide your eyes, but your hands are shaking, sweat comes out, or there are other signs that you’re not comfortable, the flight attendant will definitely pay attention to this and, if necessary, will help to cope with panic.

Are you sober?

Sometimes passengers in drunkenness can slip through the passport control, but this does not mean that they are not deployed at the entrance to the plane. If the steward notice signs of inadequate behavior or aggression during landing, a drunken traveler may be thrown off the flight.

What physical condition are you in?

We admire the flight attendants, and in the meantime they are wondering if we can help other passengers in case of emergency evacuation.

Do you answer the greeting?

The point is not only that a sociable passenger is more likely to be served during the flight. In the event of an unforeseen situation, the passenger will first of all be asked for help.

How are you feeling?

The flight attendants are always trying to understand in advance how you will transfer the flight. If you are clearly not well when landing, perhaps you should not risk it. It will be much more difficult to pump you away in flight than on the ground.

Are you pregnant?

After a certain period of time, a special certificate is required from the doctor, allowing flights. Also, some airlines prohibit the flight in late pregnancy. The flight attendants are particularly attentive to travelers in the position and try to minimize the inconvenience of flight as much as possible.