Woman found her stolen goods at the airport at a flea market on Facebook

American Airlines has found itself in the midst of a scandal, reports The Sun. Kinley Rice, an American, claims that after a flight, her things worth $ 1000 were stolen during baggage handling, and some thieves even put up for sale on Facebook.

In particular, the Patagonia jacket for 199 USD disappeared. Her woman accidentally discovered on one of the flea markets on Facebook – a down jacket was sold for 135 USD. Having compared the numbers on the barcode, Rice found out that this jacket was hers, and the goods sold by a person working in the baggage handling service at Tulsa Airport were exactly where her suitcase was stolen.

The traveler filed a complaint against the American Airlines in charge of the baggage and a complaint to Tulsa Police. The carrier said it had begun an investigation into the incident. The company will indemnify Rice for damage.