Tourist Points in Greece

Greece is a consummate place that contains several biggest cultural and architectural gems in the world. Greece holds alluring and absorbing history. The one that is most fascinating among all is its ancient history where gods and goddesses are the ruler of the world and all of them are particular in few things. Greece is a perfect tourist attraction whether you visit it for vacations or for enjoying purpose etc. Greece is highly preferred as an attractive tourist point because of its nifty islands and inimitable archaic history. Here are some incomparable and top rated tourist points in Greece that catches the attention of millions of tourists every year.


Athens is the ace of Greece’s beauty. It is one of the most visited European significant tourist destinations. Athens is the home of most of the nifty and significant natural and archaeological jewels of the Greece. It is an undeniably irresistible tourist destination in Greece. Athens independently gets millions of travel lovers and tourists every year.  The must see magnificent tourist points in Athens includes the Acropolis and the Parthenon, National archaeological museum, Cape sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, Piraeus, the Plaka, the Aqora, Syntaqma Square, and Lycabettus Hill etc.  All of these sites are highly admired all over the world and holds prestigious historical reputation. All of these monasteries are unique in their style and structure.


Meteora is world famous for its most photographed scenic monasteries. These monasteries were specially constructed to provide protection against thieves and other risks that were interrupting the religious medications of religious anchorites of that time. There are six significant monasteries that were built on rock. This place is really spectacular scenic place in Greece.


This is a real amazing place that holds historical importance for the archaeological sites that it contains. This place contains a significant museum of Greece and this museum is the home of various art and craft wonders including Charioteer sculpture golden treasures discovered beneath the Sacred Way, and few remainders of Siphnian Treasury etc. Besides its archaeological importance and heritage this place contains the modern architectural works. This place is also the home of exigent oracle of the ancient Greek world that is Delphic Oracle. Both the old and modern parts of Delphi are the popular tourist points. The modern Delphi contains several lavish hotels, restaurants, and bars.


This is a significant archaeological destination of Greece that contains prominent archaeological remainders of Roman history rather than those of Greek. In the past times, this city was the modern and advance city of Greece and it was the competitor of Athens. Later on this city was destroyed by Romans and then those Romans left their archaeological remainders in this city. Those remainders are now served as one of the best tourist attractions for visitors that come to Greece.


It is a walled city that is located at the coast of sea. This city is developed on the hilly areas. This city gives a look of an ancient city that is protected with the tall walls and the only entrance is its main gate. This city contains several small shopping areas, restaurants, and small houses. This place requires plenty of your time in order to be explored thoroughly. It contains significant cathedrals that were built hundred years ago.

Cyclades Islands

It is the largest island of the Greece and it is equally popular all over the world. No other island receives such high figure of visitors like this island receives every year. From Europe to Asia this island is known for its inimitable beaches and beach life. This island is not only famous for its peachy beaches but also it is world famous for the archaeological remainders that belongs to Minon Civilization. These great archaeological sites include Palace of Knossos, and resident of King Minos, etc.


It is another great island of Greece. It is world famous for its night life and the small villages that it contains. Its capital city named Fira is one of its beautiful destinations. This city is making a wonderful location by the way it is located. This island is a perfect place for enjoying sun bathing, swimming, and various water sports. This island contains an attractive and historical archaeological site that is Akrotiri. It is the remainder of Bronze Age, these days this site is going under renovating phase.

Mykonos & Delos

This is really an incomparable tourist destination. This place is flourished with peachy beaches. This place is an alluring and captivating place that will inspire you aesthetically. Its nightlife is world famous along with its sand and sun. Delos located next to Mykonos. It is historically important site because it is the birth land of Apollo and Artemis. This place is flourished with uncountable archaeological wonders.

Dodecanese Islands

The most popular and significant islands of this place are:


Like other Greek islands Rhodes is a home of important archaeological sites including Lindos, gothic walled island etc. This island was the hometown of ancient world’s seven wonders i.e., the Colossus of Rhodes.


It is world famous for its nightlife and beach life. This island gets a great number of beach lovers every year. This island is the home of scenic beauty.


It is the greenest island of the Greece. This island is recognized worldwide both as a famous and hot tourist destination and recently got popularity from the movie Mama Mia. This island is also famous for its heart taking romantic beauty and environment that is perfect for romantic couples.

Greece is place that requires an enough time period to be explored because it has a lot to explore that can’t be covered in small vacations. The best place to start your visit to Greece is its capital city Athens. Athens is the home of almost all entertaining options that you might want to have in your vacations. After exploring Athens go to explore beautiful and incomparable sightseeing islands of Greece. The great archaeological remainders, historical values, unforgettable and stunning ancient history, and beautiful islands are the asset of Greece.