Gearing Up for Winter Travels

Many of us struggle through the painful winter season, especially when planning for a trip to a colder region. Yes, it is most certainly challenging to put everything needed in a suitcase and gear up for the colder days. The aim is to stay warm and look great; and keeping a balance between both of these is one hell of a task!

Did that make you think of alternate travel plans? With these tips, winter packing will be as great as packing for the amazing beaches of Mexico! Let’s take a look at the best you can do while packing for winter travels.

1. Before You Begin…

This is something most of us miss out while packing. Since you’re in a haste to pack up as much as you can, you begin with no certain direction. The wisest way to commence would be to make a check list in the beginning. Do your homework and find out information about the destination and relative weather conditions. Keeping them in mind, make a plan of things you would possibly need. When packing, you can keep it besides and ensure you’ve just packed right for your trip. Satisfaction is invaluable!

2. Travel Light

Yes, it might be awfully cold when you land. But that doesn’t mean you add to your misery by packing items that are bulky and won’t be put to a good use. As a golden rule, wear all the bulky clothing and let the lighter ones rest in your suitcase. This saves you from the hassle of carrying extra baggage and paying unnecessary bills. Thin pieces of clothing can be equally great for winter season. When you pack, ensure that you chose the material sensibly.

3. Layers

No, you’ve been understanding it wrong ever since. Winter traveling isn’t about carrying over weight sweaters to keep you warm. Layering properly is a task you must master to keep your traveling at ease. The focus should be on keeping yourself core warm and thin layers can do a great job! Merino wool is an excellent material that would keep you warm and comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Opt for a color that can be conveniently worn under a variety of clothes. If you’ve layered properly, most of your worries are over!

4. Extra Protection From Cold

Besides packing all the above, it is best to take a few extra measures to keep yourself away from the chill in the air. Invest in a good quality coat or an upper that works well with insulation. Boots are also the best companion of a traveler when commuting during the winter season. When selecting the boots, ensure that they are strong enough for various landscapes and are water proof. In addition, gloves, mufflers, socks and hats would serve as a cherry on the top. When selecting these accessories, opt for those which are water proof, warm and light weight. Colds and flu are always somewhere near you on a trip; carrying essential medicines would be great! Last but not the least; keep a sun screen lotion and a pair of classy sunglasses.