Cruise Ship Tips

When on a cruise ship there are many hidden charges and choices. These tips provide you with helpful information

  •  This is also the time to book any shore excursions
  • Confirm your reservation directly with the Cruise Line
  • Ask for Instructions on how, when and where you will meet the ship.
  • Inquire on the travel documentation you’ll need to go on the cruise.
  • You’ll need a list of the names of the passengers that will be going on the cruise.
  • Get the ship’s satellite communications telephone number so you can leave it in case of an emergency.
  • You’ll need to have decided if you are purchasing trip cancellation insurance through the Cruise Line.
  • Select a ship and cruise date.The credit card type, number and expiration date of the card to be billed.
  • You’ll need to have selected your meal seating and the names of any other passengers you wish to have join you at your table.
  • You’ll need to have decided how you are getting to the port so you can book an air/sea package, check on shuttle services or parking policies.