How to prepare for a world tour with one backpack. Part 5: Travel Plan

From budget planning and itinerary to equipment and vaccination, a useful guide for those who want to explore the world with a backpack behind. Part 5.

Six months before going

  • Choose a route.
  • Approve the budget.

Five months before

  • Check the validity of the passport and apply for a new one if the term is about to expire.
    Start vaccination.
  • Solve the issue of leave at work. If you can, it is better to go unpaid.
  • Buy tickets.
  • Consult with a doctor, visit the dentist.

Three months before

  • Start buying gear.
  • If renting an apartment, notify the landlord that you are leaving.
  • Apply for an international driving license.
  • Apply for visas in countries where you go first.

Two months before

  • Find where to leave your furniture and other things if you move out of a rented apartment.
  • Check the validity of bank cards.
  • Check card limit for cash withdrawals.
  • Close subscription to the Internet, telephone, auto and medical insurance, if any.
  • Search through friends possible acquaintances in the countries where you go.

One month before

  • Sell ​​unwanted items.
  • Decide how you will share your impressions with your loved ones: whether you will keep Instagram, YouTube channel or just send photos in the messenger.
  • Read something about the first country of your trip.

Two weeks before departure

  • Buy medicines in the first aid kit.
  • Pay for travel insurance.
  • Download music and movies on your phone and laptop (if you take it with you).
  • Write in the notebook the numbers of relatives and emergency numbers (bank, insurance company, consulate).
  • Make multiple copies of your passport.
  • Print an insurance certificate.
  • Take photos for documents (10-15 copies). Suitable for visas and permits to visit national parks.

One week before

Relax. 😉