Vacation Travel and Pregnancy

My daughter is very excited about her planning a getaway with her husband just a month before she is ready to deliver her baby. She is thinking out of the box for places to go that also include an airplane ride. I am also in her plan, for my husband and I would be the babysitter for their 3 boys and their dog.

She told her husband about it and he seemed excited, too. Unfortunately her doctor was not. Delivery time is too close and destination to far away. She has to settle for a shorter distance getaway to relax and spent some quality time with her husband.

I am interested in the plan she is thinking about and what place she will choose to venture to next month. I am also interested in the things they are planning to do together, just the two of them without the boys.

The Mall of America in Minneapolis, Mn is one of her choices. The Mall of America is our nation’s largest shopping center. One can go there and never do everything in one day. There is over 520 stores. There are about 50 restaurants so she will have no problem to find a desired place to eat a romantic meal.. Walking around the Nickelodeon theme park would be what the doctor ordered when he said “walk lots”. The hustle and bustle will not be there because they will have time to walk together with ease. Her favorite spot has always been the SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium where one can take time to enjoy looking at the sea creatures. She loved going there when she was a child. The LEGO store and display is one of her husband’s favorite places there. They can take their time to admire the kits that are put together on display. They will have time to enjoy an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen as they stroll down the walkways of the mall. The theatres at Mall of America will give the couple many options to enjoy a movie of their choice. She told me that this would give her husband and her time to talk about any planning they need to do before the baby arrives.

Then there is an affordable hotel room with a comfortable bed for sleep, and breakfast in bed. Among the affordable ones she has reviewed are the Park Plaza, the Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, and the Americinn Hotel and Suites, that are all close to the Mall of America. They have not settled on the one they want yet but will be deciding soon.

I am glad to be a part of this romantic plan of her’s and wish them a great time in planning and when the time comes to enjoy each other, it will be a great time for them. All I ask is that they take a few pictures to share with me later.