Great Places to Eat in San Francisco

While visiting San Francisco you will have plenty of dining options. All over San Francisco, you will find a variety of restaurants that will suit the taste of each individual person. For breakfast, food you may choose to go to the Garden Court located at the Palace Hotel. Garden Court offers a large breakfast buffet with specialty food of American, French and Japanese. Available on Sunday for brunch is seafood, meats, omelets and many more great foods. If you are looking for a home style breakfast, you may choose to go to the Dottie True Blue Café that is located in a neighborhood bordering Union Square. Here you will find breakfast foods such as muffins, pastries, scones and breads. This Café has many filling meals on their menu and drinks like cappuccino, latte or your favorite blend of coffee. Therefore, if you are wondering where to eat in San Francisco you will have many great choices in restaurants.

For lunch, you may decide to try out the Fog City Diner that serves up great meals everyday. This diner is a great lunch spot for your entire family and serves various types of foods. They even offer kids meals to make the kids happy. When you are thinking about where to eat in San Francisco you may have a hard decision to make with the wide variety of restaurants available. For dinner when you want to sit down and have a good meal in a relaxing atmosphere you will find many places that will offer this type of dining to you. Russian Hill is popular for their Italian food and Venetian appetizers. Here you will find great tasting low cost meals. They also offer great desserts and cheese plates to finish off your meal.

In San Francisco your will find restaurants that are of different styles serving up many flavors of various foods. Through out the city each day fresh seafood is served along with specialty dishes and modern dishes. While visiting San Francisco you may want to try out many of these restaurants to get an idea of what types of foods the city has to offer. Finding out where to eat in San Francisco also depends on where you stay while you are visiting the city. Where ever you choose to eat while in San Francisco you will be sure to enjoy all the great foods of this wonderful city.