The Best Cities in Europe

Europe is a great place that caters all types of people that comes from different parts of world. It offers lots of theatrical activities and entertaining options. There is a huge array of amazing places in Europe. We have short listed few of the Europe’s most amazing cities.

Paris – France

Paris, the city of lights is such an amazing place in Europe that enchants millions of tourists and foreign visitors every year. Paris is one of the most romantic places upon the earth. It is dotted with a large number of historical, architectural, and cultural remainders. The Eiffel tower, great Louvre, the River Seine etc are the most amazing landmarks in Paris.

London – United Kingdom

London is not only a consummate tourist destination but also it is one of the best cities in Europe. London is world famous for various reasons including theatrical festivals and events, historical remainders and monuments, inimitable cultural heritage and lots of sky scrappers etc.  Besides, the countryside of London city is worth for a visit.

Rome – Italy

Italy is world famous due to having rich culture. It is considered as the hub of culture in Europe. Although, many cities in Italy have something important in them that has no comparison with each other, but here, our spot light city is Rome. Rome is world famous for having a great number of historical remainders and cultural monuments. The Vatican City in Rome and a great number of churches are the identity of Rome.

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is one the best cities in Europe. It is world famous for its bridge network that is found every where in the Prague. The beautiful natural scenery is seen every where in Prague. The culture and cultural values of Prague is also very enchanting.

Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city that is popular for Gaudi’s architectural wonders, historical remainders, and La Rambla’s flower shop etc. Bracelona is a must visit European city that has it all.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amsterdam is one the best cities in Europe. Amsterdam caters all types of people who belong to any race, any age, any sect, any color, any region etc. Amsterdam is world famous for its cafes, shopping stalls, canals, bridges, red light districts etc.

Venice – Italy

There is no good reason to ignore Venice while taking about the best cities in Europe. Indubitably, Italy’s crown has so many precious cities that are really inimitable jewels.  Traveling by gonadolas, churches, bridges etc are the main attractions in Venice. All together Venice is one of the perfect romantic and honeymoon tourist destinations in Europe.

Budapest – Hungary

Budapest is well known for its historical village type environment. It is simply a little example of small global village in the world. Despite of having historical old fashioned buildings, Budapest is not behind any other best city of Europe.

Athens – Greece

Athens is one of the best cities in Europe. It is world famous for having precious remainders from ancient world. It has enchanting and beautiful beaches, great monuments, stunning statues of Greek hero etc.

Madrid – Spain

Madrid is another best city in Europe that attracts a huge array of tourists and foreign visitors towards it every year. Madrid is world famous for flamingos, flea markets, exciting bullfighting etc.