States of India: A useful guide for beginners

India is a federal state consisting of 28 states, 6 union territories and the capital district. The states of India have their own history and realities of today, an independent government and laws. Each one is unique: some attract businessmen, others – lovers of relaxation at sea, and others – seekers of enlightenment and unity with space.

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First time in Thailand: the best beaches, shops and restaurants

Thailand is lucky. It has picturesque views, a distinctive temperament and a mass of attractions sufficient to attract the attention of the whole world to its exotic riches. This is one of those rare countries that can be safely called mysterious, confusing, but at the same time affordable and attractive. Hospitality is the true art of Thais, carefully cultivated by ancient history, rich in culture; it also allows people to feel at ease and relaxed in any situation.

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top 10 cities in europe for vacation

The Best Cities in Europe

Europe is a great place that caters all types of people that comes from different parts of world. It offers lots of theatrical activities and entertaining options. There is a huge array of amazing places in Europe. We have short listed few of the Europe’s most amazing cities.

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Attractions in United States of America eye ball in chicago

Attractions in United States of America

News Travel Tips Articles offers you Some Information about Attrcations in beautiful destinations of United States of America. While traveling to United States Of America you can find the best hotels, Tourist Attactions in United States Of America.

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Great Places to Eat in San Francisco

While visiting San Francisco you will have plenty of dining options. All over San Francisco, you will find a variety of restaurants that will suit the taste of each individual person. For breakfast, food you may choose to go to the Garden Court located at the Palace Hotel. Garden Court offers a large breakfast buffet with specialty food of American, French and Japanese. Available on Sunday for brunch is seafood, meats, omelets and many more great foods. If you are looking for a home style breakfast, you may choose to go to the Dottie True Blue Café that is located in a neighborhood bordering Union Square. Here you will find breakfast foods such as muffins, pastries, scones and breads. This Café has many filling meals on their menu and drinks like cappuccino, latte or your favorite blend of coffee. Therefore, if you are wondering where to eat in San Francisco you will have many great choices in restaurants.

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Greece vacation tips places

Tourist Points in Greece

Greece is a consummate place that contains several biggest cultural and architectural gems in the world. Greece holds alluring and absorbing history. The one that is most fascinating among all is its ancient history where gods and goddesses are the ruler of the world and all of them are particular in few things. Greece is a perfect tourist attraction whether you visit it for vacations or for enjoying purpose etc. Greece is highly preferred as an attractive tourist point because of its nifty islands and inimitable archaic history. Here are some incomparable and top rated tourist points in Greece that catches the attention of millions of tourists every year.

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